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The Premier HD Video Intercom Smart System and Interactive Concierge

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The Only Key You Will ever Need

Control building access with a user-friendly App from your Smartphone.

Get your piece of the Tech Super Pie


Generate millions of dollars of additional NOI by offering your residents premium technology.

Outstanding Design


Begin phasing out hardware like keys, fobs, and clickers/stickers which can be lost, stolen, or copied.

People just want to connect! Our system has lifestyle & technology perfectly fused......


People want the freedoms this system gives them and their buying power analytics support your investment.

Complete Integration


Our system can be integrated with most any PMS software and made compatible with open source smart technology hardware. 



Build for the Future


Security and Technology working in Harmony to provide a KEY_FREE experience.

Mobile App

Access Granted

Custom Free-Standing Kiosk

Wall-mounted 12.5"/21.5"

Why now?

Residents are equipped to use digital entry systems, property owners are ready for digital friendly building services, while demand for multi-unit housing is


Society has shifted to expect the best technology available to them. 

Smartphone penetration, at 81% in 2016, has now reached critical mass in the US enabling the disruption of the multi-unit entry market. Growing usage combined with the acceptance of new ways of doing everything (for e.g. in ride hailing, car technology, shopping, media consumption) positions the multi-unit market for rapid change.

There isn't a part of our lives that hasn't gotten easier and more efficient due to the mobile revolution. We want to carry less, to do more, quicker, and easier! 


The Lifestyle Smart System will add convenience to the student and 

faculty lifestyle while adding several layers of security and emergency protections to your campus.

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